Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Spooktacular Halloween Weekend!

Fall holidays are the best! I did my best to enjoy my long Teacher's Convention weekend seeing as though this will probably be the last year we have that Thursday and Friday off (thank you Mr. Walker- boo on you!). Jim worked on Thursday, but after buying Cole new car seats we made our way to Dad's classroom for a visit. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at home. It was wonderful.

Friday was a busy day for the entire family. Michael played in the state semi-finals game in the afternoon, so we had to go and cheer on the Catholic Memorial Crusaders.

Then we went to the Reedy's house in Muskego for night time trick or treating. Cole had more fun playing with Lisa's kids' magnetic stackers, than actually trick or treating, but he was an absolute trooper, staying up WAAYYY past his bedtime so Mom could enjoy some time with her friends.

Since Catholic Memorial won on Friday they played again on Saturday afternoon. Cole climbed back into his dog costume to cheer on his oldest cousin Michael, but unfortunately their team lost in the state finals game. Although Michael was crushed, we were sooo proud of him and his team. After the soccer game, Cole and I joined the Ebert's at Spooktacular at the zoo. We tooled around, spending a little time looking at the animals. I loved watching Cole's expression when he saw the cougar walk across the glass or the elephant prance in front of us. He couldn't stop pointing and oohing!

Sunday was trick or treat in our neighborhood. The weather wasn't in our favor, so we were thankful that Cole's costume was snuggly warm. He used his walker to cruise up and down the sidewalk, trick or treating. He was a lot more interested in all of the kids dressed up than in any of the candy. A few of our nearby neighbors put together adorable treat pumpkins for him. It was so thoughtful.

All in all it was an awesome Halloween weekend. I feel so fortunate to have had Thursday and Friday off to spend with my little puppy!

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