Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Loving Books & Snuggle Time

Within the last few weeks Cole has fallen in love with books and snuggling. He's discovered how much he loves nuzzling in close to us on the couch and reading with us. This makes weekend mornings and bedtime extra special.

It's taken him a while, but he'll finally sit through an entire story, instead of looking at one page and then hightailing it for the next fun adventure. 14 months has brought on a lot more independence in the playing department. He still likes us close by, which isn't hard to do in our house, but Cole is very content to look through the books in his basket, one by one.

On more than one occassion we've caught him with a book on his lap, talking to himself as if to read. He understands the concept of print and the pictures on the page. He knows to hold the book right-side up (most of the time) and will listen contently as you read him a story. We've discovered the I Spy type books and he's starting to figure out how to search for the image within the picture. He's pointing at different objects, but they're not always the correct image.

This love of reading and snuggling melts my heart. I love this little guy!

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