Wednesday, October 26, 2011

meal time...the game of Chuck It

Is my child the only kid that only eats grilled cheese and cheese noodles? Cole's been eating real food for a while now, but he's not very adventurous. I feel like he eats the same thing every day. He loves his standard bagel in the morning with his sippy cup of milk. He'll also sneak in fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast. For lunch and dinner I feel like all he eats is cheese noodles or grilled cheese.

Jim and I offer him other things, but he's not into them. A part of me worries, but I figure he'll figure it out at some point. I must admit, he takes after my eating habits as a child, and I've grown up to be an adventurous eater. He is willing to eat fresh fruit so I pack him with that, and we're still on the baby food for his main source of vegetables. The kids loves orange baby food- carrots, sweet potatoes...if it's orange and in a jar, he loves it.

Recently he's become feisty in the highchair, wanting to feed himself. That's fine, but he also enjoys feeding the dogs. We've had to lock Willie and Lexa in another room so Cole isn't tempted to feed them all of his food. As long as it's something he likes, the kid will devour his food...if he's not crazy about it though, it'll get chucked across the room. No fun.

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