Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Cole

Height: 31"
Weight: 20# 5.5oz
Head: 45.8cm

Okay, I officially feel like the worst mom ever. I planned the most amazing birthday party for Cole, but it has taken me almost a month to share pictures and publish a post about it. I blame the fact that I am back at work and by the time I get home in the evenings, feed, bathe, and put Cole down, I'm pooped and not in the mood to sit at the computer again. Instead of grading the stack of papers that sit on my desk I told myself I am publishing this post!

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party was a HUGE success. Cole looked absolutely precious, the food and decorations turned out perfectly, the weather was gorgeous, and everyone had a great time. It is really hard for me to believe my little baby is now a toddler...1 year old!!

As the months tick by, the time with Cole gets more and more fun. Although he's not officially walking, he's cruising along the furniture, speed crawling, climbing the steps and the furniture, and balancing without holding on to anything. A part of us thinks he's hesitant to actually walk because of Willie and Lexa who often come barreling through the living room at the poor kid.

We have good days and bad in the eating department. Cole was pretty adventurous with his food several weeks ago, but he seems to be resorting back to his baby food a little bit now. We're not sure why and a part of me is frustrated by it, but in reality I can't be bothered by it. He's given up his morning bottle and only takes a sippy cup with whole milk throughout the day. Thank goodness. I still give him a bottle before bed...I love that it puts him to sleep almost instantly, but I hate that I'm the only one that can give him the damn thing. Oh well, you can't have everything. We've been pushing REAL people food, but it's hard because Jim and I aren't ready to sit down and eat dinner with him at 5pm. Most of the time our dinner isn't even made yet and we're scrounging for something for him to eat. He's loving blueberry bagels and waffles, yogurt, cheese noodles. He was loving fresh cut up fruit, but now I feel like most of it gets spit out on the floor. We just keep offering it though.

Cole's always been pretty verbal, making all sorts of noises, even when he was very little. We're hearing specific words like Dada, which is actually Mom and Dad. I get Mama as well, but he only uses that word when he's sad, crying or whining about something...go figure. He has a word for doggy too. He does a lot of pointing and moaning when he wants something, which helps a little bit, but we're ready for a few words to roll off his tongue. He makes this guinea pig type sound that can get rather annoying at times, but he's so damn cute you can't be frustrated. It's really fun to listen to him vroom his cars and trucks (I'm not sure how boys just know how to do that) and babble to himself each morning in the crib.

Getting his diaper changed is one of Cole's least favorite things in the entire world. It often sounds like we're torturing him and I'm sure the neighbors are wondering what is going on. He definitely has a strong opinion and he lets the whole wide world know when he's unhappy. Separation anxiety kicked in a little bit at drop off for daycare. We had two weeks of hysterical crying every time I dropped him off anywhere. It's gotten a little bit better and now he whimpers a little bit, but it ends quickly and all is well. 

Naps are definitely not Cole's favorite thing in the world. He'd miss out on too much going on if he slept during the day. He sleeps at Heather's great, but I have a feeling he cries himself down pretty often. I'm okay with that at her house, it's just not something I can do at home. Don't get me wrong he whimpers and cries at bedtime sometimes, but it never lasts more than 2-3minutes. Grandma Jeanne and Kathy are struggling to get him to nap and rarely can I get him down for an extended time on the weekends. It's hard for me to complain too much though because he's sleeping most nights between 7-7:30pm and he's down for the night....knock on wood. He'll sleep a solid 11-12 hours/night. He squeaks once in a while at night, but very rarely do we ever have to go in and get him. On the weekends he's been sleeping in a little later 7:30-8am sometimes. He'll wake up around 6am, but he'll chat and coo and often get himself back to sleep.

All in all it's been an amazing first year. It's so cliche, but it is so amazing how quickly the months go by.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

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