Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour de Fat

Last summer Jim and I stumbled upon the Tour de Fat Carnival in Humboldt Park. It was 90+ degrees, I was ooberly pregnant and we had both dogs with us...needless to say I wasn't really in the mood to be at a carnival with a bunch of crazy bicycle riders.

This summer was an entirely different story though. Now that we knew what it was we were prepared for the afternoon. It was once again 90+ degrees, but we left the dogs at home and Cole was ready to people watch. We were a little disappointed that there weren't more people there, but in all honesty we really don't think they advertise this event very well.

Regardless we had fun and enjoyed the afternoon outside.

Tour de Fat...
Coming to a city near you!

Cole figured out a sippy cup on this hot day...

This is Karaoke in a Port a John. They call it...


He has his People Watching face on

Crazy bike ring

Making noise with Pop

Massive Sit n Spin with a bike tire and steering wheel

Bicycle Kaleidoscope...

It made beautiful images

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