Monday, August 29, 2011

So Sad...

Cole is napping and I'm frantically trying to update my blog...goodness knows I may not have as much time for doing that in the upcoming weeks and months. I am really having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that in less than 24 hours I'll be back to work and Cole will be heading to daycare. I know that work is a reality and that Cole will survive, but I never would have guessed that it would be this hard for me.

My biggest concern in regards to Cole and daycare hasn't changed since he was 12 weeks old...Cole is a finicky eater, and prefers Mom when it comes to a bottle. Everyone says, he'll take it, don't worry...but in reality, he won't. I've already contacted Dr. Pikna and talked to him about the fact that he probably won't take any bottles while at daycare. I'm hoping that he'll just take whole milk in a sippy cup. He doesn't really get that much that way, but it's something. I'm struggling with a schedule...we've had a great schedule throughout the summer, but it's based on him eating and taking bottles with mom. I guess a new schedule will develop depending on him and his eating habits.

I'm extremely emotional about having to head back...Jim of course tells me to suck it up. I know I'd struggle staying at home full time, but it's hard for me to say good bye to the little guy, and even harder to relinquish control to someone else. I have a feeling he'll love spending time with the other kids at daycare and hopefully he'll pick up a few of their good eating habits, along with some of their naughty habits too :)

Keep us in your thoughts over the next week...I spent the entire summer wishing the days to go by I'll be hoping the days fly by so the weekends are here and I can spend them with my sweet little boy!

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Kate said...

Hope your first day back wasn't too painful. My heart went out to you as I read your post.

(the other Kate's Life)