Thursday, August 4, 2011

Piggy Toes Press

Yesterday I received the most random email from Piggy Toes Press. They had read this post on my blog and we're hoping to use the picture of Cole for their Fan of the Week post. Of course I said yes, and then proceeded to send them several updated pictures of Cole with their books.

I've been talking about these books with moms since I bought them and I've bought them for baby shower gifts a number of times. Every kid loves a touch and feel book, but these are exceptionally wonderful because the images are photos of real objects. On every page are the hands of feet of a small child. Cole loves holding his hands up to those hands. These books remain some of his favorites.

Like Piggy Toes Press on Facebook and check out our little guy Cole as the Fan of the Week. AND, if you need a gift for a small child in your life check out their books. They're wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

The post is up! Thanks again. We're so glad you and Cole are enjoying the books.