Monday, August 8, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

As much as I wish Cole would sleep in a little longer in the morning, I have to be happy with the fact that our little guy is sleeping 11-12 hours/night. I love when I wake up to him talking and cooing in his crib, playing with one of the toys we've put in there to occupy him in the morning. Within 15 minutes he's definitely ready to see Mom and Dad, but we'll take any extra minute he'll give us.

After his morning bottle, Cole loves to play in his toy corner. I bought a cubby system several months ago and now that he's mobile, he crawls over to the corner and dumps out all of the toys. This gives me a chance to sit quietly, enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe even catch up on FB or read my book. We're so lucky he enjoys playing independently.

A part of me wants to pull him out to the middle of the room with his toys, but then I catch images like this and I just leave him. I'm not trying to force my child to sit in the corner, but he likes being able to lean up against the couch and have all of his favorite things surrounding him. It's like his own little "fort". 

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