Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Jim and I celebrated our 5th anniversary yesterday. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying a beautiful August evening at the War Memorial Building...saying our vows and heading inside for a night of food, dancing, and fun.

Love it!
The time goes by so fast. We had a very low key day at home with Cole. Grandma came over around bedtime so I could put Cole down and then Jim and I could go out for dinner. It was a much needed dinner out with Jim. I can't remember the last time we went out on a date...we've been Cole free for weddings and other "events", but not just for a dinner out, the two of us. Just before we left Mom gave me the most adorable purse. She had given KK money to buy one on her next trip to China...I love it. Plus it was the exact color as the shirt I was wearing. We all had a chuckle about that...
 We checked out Benelux in the Third Ward. Same owners as Cafe Centrall and Cafe Hollander. The beer and food were delicious. At dinner we were talking about how fast the past five years flew by. I asked him, "so, what do you think we'll be doing five years from now?" Jim's response...getting Cole ready for kindergarden! OMG....I can't even believe that. After dinner we took a walk down memory lane and strolled over by the War Memorial Building and art museum. Unfortunately we couldn't get out on the deck where we were married, but we got close enough.

Jim bought me a really awesome Pandora necklace and charms from Jared. 5th anniversary gifts are supposed to be wood so the beads he bought me were these two really awesome wooden beads. I have two Pandora bracelets so I've been collecting the charms for a few years, but this is my first necklace. It's just a long leather cord that you can wear a variety of different ways. I have a charm with Cole's name on it from my dear friend Sarah and a picture of his tiny feet that I wear as well. I wanted to somehow include those with the leather lariat. I think I figured it out and made it work. I have tried it a few different ways.

Worn like a normal necklace

Worn as a lariat...

Happy Anniversary Babe! It's been a wonderful first 5 many more!

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Ullan tilkut said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! The quilt bag is fantastic! I love it! :)