Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day at the Fair

Summer Bucket List #30: State Fair

It's been years since I've been to State Fair, and in all honesty I haven't really been itching to go until this summer. Cole is so aware of everything around him, Jim and I knew he'd love looking at the animals and watching all the people.

A part of me wanted to pork out on fried food and ice cream, but we passed and instead just wandered through the animal barns. We stumbled into a barn filled with dogs and all three of us were in heaven. Cole was able to pet all different breeds of dogs and loved watching the dogs play FlyBall!

I'm sure we didn't see everything, but we got our fill of the fair for the year!

Can you see the dog? He rides on this guy's motorcycle just like that!!!

Cole's first time on a tractor.

Go's blurry. Jim always takes blurry pictures!

2 day old piglets! So damn cute...

Cole reached and waved hello to all of the animals.

This one reminded us of Willie.

11 months old and he's already people watching...

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