Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Splashing at Hoyt Park Pool

Summer Bucket List #4: Visit Hoyt Park Pool

It's been a REALLY hot week in Milwaukee. So thankful I have AC this's been in the 90s everyday with dew points in the high 70s. It's made for some miserable days, but nothing a little splashing can't remedy! Cole's been enjoying his splash table (Willie and Lexa's deluxe water bowl) at home in the backyard, along with his little pool, but today we decided to check out a real pool.

I met Katie, Blake, Jess, Cael, Kaycee and Liam at Hoyt Park Pool in Tosa this was extremely crowded, probably because it was over 90 degrees by 9am this morning, but we had a blast. I could have stayed all afternoon, but the boys only lasted about an hour.

Cole enjoyed splashing in the water for a while, but his quick morning nap caught up with him and at one point he crawled out of the water, over to the warm concrete and put his head down for a nap. I felt sorry for the little guy, but I scooped him up, snuggled him, and he was just fine. You can tell from most of the pictures that he was exhausted...

After relaxing in the water we had lunch at Ebert's house and the boys, and Moms, were able to play and chit chat. It was a wonderful afternoon. Most of the pictures below are blurry because 10, 11, and 12 month old boys do not sit still very long. I captured the moment...that's all I can say :)

Should I be worried? Even at other people's houses he finds yellow toys...

Crawling all over each other, snagging toys from one another.

Cael James and Cole James...two good buddies!

Sweet Baby Cael

Cole's eyeballing the green shape, but he has no desire for's not yellow
Looking at these pictures, blurry or not, my heart feels good. I really hope these three stay close as they grow up. Anywho- by 1pm, all three boys were exhausted and ready for naps so we said our goodbyes, but promised to do it again soon...I can't wait!

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