Sunday, July 3, 2011

Number 9 is Quite Divine

Cole's 9 month stats:

Weight: 17lbs. 7oz (5th percentile)
Height: 30" (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 44.2cm (25th percentile)
** In 5 short days Cole will be 10 months old...I'm doing the best I can over here!

Cole had his nine month checkup and Dr. Pikna was pleased with his progress. He's still working on putting on weight, but he wasn't concerned and said he'd probably always be hovering around the 5th percentile. No shots this time around, which was a blessing seeing as though we had a 6:45pm appointment and Cole was way past his bedtime.

Summer vacation is upon us, which means NO DAYCARE! Yippee! We've been enjoying our lazy summer days and are looking forward to creating our summer bucket list!

Nine Month Milestones:
  • waving hello/goodbye- Cole's been charming the pants off people by giving them an adorable wave when they come into view. He only does it on his terms, but he does it at the correct time so I can't complain too much. The other day I was in the check out line at Pick N Save and he was waving to the lady behind us...she was completely charmed by him.
  • my little flirt- Cole definitely takes after his Mom in the flirting department. It takes him a while to warm up to people, but once he's comfortable he'll smile, giggle, and flirt with the best of them. He's Mr. Serious with a stone cold look for awhile, and then all of a sudden he'll start squealing and laughing. You know he's all warmed up and ready to go then!
  • "Dancing"- Cole has loved music since he was born, but we're loving his new dance moves. He bobs up and down to the beat of music playing. So darling!
  • Scooting & Crawling Backwards- Cole is definitely on the move and ready to go. He does a lot of pivot moves and crawls backwards. In no time he'll be moving across the first floor and we'll be in need of safety gates at the stairwells...see below!
  • Stubborn as a Bull- Cole has been preferring formula over breast milk in his bottle and only wants Mom to give him the bottle. As charming as that sounds that he loves his mom and wants her, it's REALLY annoying in my opinion. I feel a bit trapped and torn- especially since I'm ready for a night on the town and when we tried that to go to a concert, Cole refused to eat. Boo hoo. 
  • Teeth- well, one tooth, and it hasn't completely pushed it's way through (lower right). It's there though, and sharp as ever. It's made for rough nights. He doesn't really wake at night, but he moans in his sleep, wants his Ora-Gel and his nuk. I feel bad for the little guy!
  • Pincher Grab- we're working on finger foods. Cole has managed to figure out the pincher grab and loves his Puffs. We've tried a few other things, but nothing compares to the Happy Tots Yogurt Melts and Plum Puffs. Carrots and Butternut Squash were a big hit one night, and the next day he wanted nothing to do with them. He definitely prefers crunchy items over soft foods. Mom is working on being more patient with the self feeding. It takes forever and he doesn't really get anything. I typically let him feed himself after we've done his meal.
  • 11 hours+ - Cole's been sleeping about 11-12 hours/night. It's been great. Very rarely he'll wake up for a nuk or startle himself awake, but he's been sleeping like a champ. 
  • No Naps...okay few naps - since he's sleeping so well at night I can hardly complain about the fact that he's not really napping during the day. It is exhausting though. I can typically get him down for at least one 30 minute nap, and every once in a while he'll sleep for an hour, but that's very rare. The one good thing is that he travels well and will typically sleep in the car so I can be out and about with him during the day. I guess I'd be complaining if I was stuck at home because of a strict nap schedule, right? 
  • CRAWLING!-  Cole crawled forward for the first time on Father's Day. Grandma Jeanne and Grumpa were there to witness his first forward movement, but Jim was in the shower. He didn't miss much though because once he started moving there was no stopping him. We're having a hard time keeping up with him. He's into everything!
  •  Pulling Up to Knees- every day we keep saying we need to lower Cole's crib...he's been pulling up to his knees and within a week or so he'll be on his feet
  • Downward Dog- Cole is taking after his Mom in his love for yoga poses. Okay, okay...he has no idea he's working through asanas, but I'm must say his downward dog is looking fabulous!

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