Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Overdue

It's almost the end of July and I was finally able to get out with my golf girls this past Monday night. Because of Cole's finicky bottle issues, I've primarily been the one to put him down at night. That makes it tough to make a 5:45pm tee time. This past Monday was too hot to golf, so we ventured over to the new Cooper's Hawk in Brookfield for a wine tasting and dinner. It was great to finally get to spend some time with these beautiful women. It was especially wonderful because we were able to celebrate Kari's birthday together. I missed seeing Donna and Angie though...they got stuck at work :(

I know deep down they're disappointed in me that I haven't made an effort to get out for golfing...I hope they understand my issue and I hope they realize that it's not because I do not want to golf and/or spend time with them. I'm in some luck because Cole's now been willing to take a bottle for Dad a few times so I think I'm going to give it a go next long as it's not 90+ degrees again.

Thank you for your patience with me ladies and please do not give up on me...if nothing else I'm always willing to meet you for wine after golf!

Happy Birthday Kari!!

Cooper's Hawk Winery- July, 2011

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