Friday, July 15, 2011


Willie had his surgery this past Wednesday...I will admit, I was an absolute wreck. It didn't help that we were dog sitting Fergie at the time. She's a sweet little girl, but a lot more active than our dogs and into everything. Willie wasn't crazy about having her in our house, so it made it harder to send him to the vet.

The surgery went well, although it was a lot more invasive than they had initially thought. Willie ended up have four masses removed along with his lymph node. They had found abnormal cells in all of them and decided to just remove them all. He also had four rotten teeth extracted. He came home looking like Frankendog- he has a 6 inch incision down his side, a 7-9 inch incision on his groin, another 4 inch incision on his groin and a 2inch incision on his arm. Not to mention the holes in his mouth where his teeth are. I was a little taken back because they do not cover the wounds. I was somewhat shocking to see the stitches and what not.

I'm trying to be optimistic, but also realistic...Willie is 10-11 years old. I am pretty confident that he has cancer, I'm just hoping that it's not aggressive and that he can enjoy a little more time with our family. It's not that Willie is going downhill quickly...he's definitely slowed down a bit, but we're hoping that's due to the surgery, and nothing else.

The vet said we could anticipate biopsy results early next week...I have the worst scenario in my head already...afterall, what else could the abnormal cells growing in his tumors be if they're not cancer? Chemotherapy isn't really an option for us...not only can we not afford it (we've spent $1300 on our dogs in the last two weeks!), but we just want Willie to enjoy whatever time he has with us. I'm glad it's summer so we can all spend time going for walks, laying in the backyard, relaxing, and enjoying life.

I love you Big Willie- you're my very best friend in the entire world. You've taught me so much about life and love. I promise to make the best of whatever time you have with us. I promise to spoil you and to make you feel like you're the most important canine in the world. I promise I will not make you suffer. Hang in their big guy and heal quickly!!

Lexa was thrilled to have her friend back home...she licked his ears and stayed pretty close.

Incision along his rib cage

another view...

yet one more...

small incision on his arm

One belly's very red and bruised

here you can see how long it really tucks along his groin so it doesn't see so bad until you get a full on shot

If you look closely, there are two major for a mass, the longer one for a mass & lymph node :(

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