Friday, July 15, 2011

Everybody Please Stand Up!

Once the little guy started crawling, it didn't take him long to realize that he could pull himself up to standing. Jim and I are convinced that he'll be walking within the next few weeks. He's not too interested in walking along furniture yet, but he'll stand up against any sturdy object, including the dogs. We've been keeping him away from Willie since he had surgery, so poor Lexa has gotten the brunt of it. In all honesty that sweet little girl doesn't mind a bit. Especially when Cole snuggles up next to her afterwards (see video below...wait until the very end for the snuggle).

With the crawling and the standing, come the messes. This kid can destroy a room in a matter of minutes. I don't fight it...instead I let him tear the place up and clean up afterwards. Jim thinks I'm nuts, but I continue to clean up his toys every evening. I refuse to let my living room become a dumping ground for toys. Plus, I want Cole to learn early on, that things get picked up and put away after you're done playing with them.

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