Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Double Digits Baby!!

10 months old!!!! I wish I could freeze time...before I know it Cole is going to be turning 1!! This month has definitely been a lot of fun. Maybe it's because we've been home with Cole, and able to watch him play and change before our eyes. We sure have a busy little boy on our hands!

It's hard to keep up with the milestones and the constant changes Cole is going through. I feel like I'm jotting down 1sts on a daily basis. Cole's been extremely giggly and he's doing a lot of smiling. Especially when we're out and about. Thankfully he hasn't really hit the separation anxiety phase....except at night time a little bit. Although Jim and I both admit it may be difficult when we both go back to work at the end of August. He's so used to being with the two of us that we have a feeling it's going to be hard. We see a tinge of Cole's anxiety at bedtime when we leave him in his room alone. If Cole falls asleep taking his bottle, wonderful, but if not I try to put him down drowsy, but awake. If we walk out of the room he panics a little bit.

Cole is very aware of everything going on around him. He gets this "serious" look on his face when he approaches a new situation and takes a little while to warm up. You can watch his eyes dart from one object to the next as he explores his world. Once he's comfortable though, his hand goes up and he waves and says hi...it's a high-pitched, "hiiiii". Whenever we're playing in the backyard and our neighbors, Shelley and Miguel, even their dog Sophie, come outside, he instantly says "hiiii..."

This is a perfect age to be at home and enjoying summer vacation. Cole is loving water and splashing around. We bought him a splash table he stands at and pours/plays with the water. It's a daily activity! Our neighbors put up a pool in their backyard so Cole had even had the chance to go "swimming". That was the most he had been submerged and he definitely liked it.

Cole does a pretty good job playing independently. We've had to put up a few gates because he is on the move and he crawls really fast. I know many kids "play" in the kitchen, but it's not one of the areas we're encouraging. The dog's food is in there and we haven't safety locked the cupboards yet. For now, it's gated off. I organized Cole's toys in several bins in the living room next to the couch. He crawls over to his "toy area" pulls everything out of the bins and plays for quite a while. As long as you can hear objects getting moved you know everything is okay. Once it gets quiet, you better get moving to see what the little man is up to.  As you've seen in earlier posts, Cole is somewhat obsessed with yellow objects...everything from rings, shapes, Matchbox cars, even stuffed animals. He loves the yellow ones!

Jim and I are convinced that walking is just around the corner. Cole's been pulling up on anything and everything. He loves our large cocktail table in the living room, although we can no longer leave anything on it that we do not wanted pulled and thrown on to the floor. With his long arms, he swiped the runner with one quick swoop, pulling everything to the floor including a glass of water. He is walking along the edge and becoming a lot more mobile. Periodically he'll forget that he doesn't really know how to walk...he'll let go and balance for a second or two before falling down on his butt. Along with crawling and standing, Cole's been showing us his dance moves. Jim is a big fan of music and I have a feeling Cole will be taking after Dad in that regard. Whenever a song comes on that fancies him, Cole will start bopping to the beat. Because of all this moving and shaking, we had to move his crib down to the lowest setting. He hasn't seem to notice and thankfully didn't have any sleeping issues because of it. The pictures below are of Cole sporting his classic white onesie with his Picky Sticky sticker. It's getting harder and harder to get a good shot of him with the sticker in view. He's constantly moving from one thing to the next. A part of me wanted to keep trying for a better shot, but then I figured, this is what 10 months was all about so why not just embrace it!

Cole still doesn't take regular naps, which can definitely be exhausting for mom and dad, but he's sleeping really well at night. I'm hesitant to even type that because I don't want to jinx myself. Cole's been ready for bed by 6:30pm most nights and typically he'll sleep until 6:30ish. We'd love 7 or 7:30am, but we're not being picky. At times Cole really struggles to fall asleep because he's afraid he's going to miss something. I don't know how many times each night I tell him, tomorrow's another day, Cole...close your eyes.

Feeding Cole seems to be getting easier, but he still doesn't love taking a bottle from anyone but me, and sometimes Jim. We've been exploring more solids and Cole is getting better at trying them. He's a big fan of fruit in general- cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango...Yum! The boy would eat Puff's until his belly puffed up, but we only give them to him as a treat. I've started smashing Puffs and covering avocado and banana in them. He's not a huge fan of the consistency of those foods, but if I cover them in Puff dust he's a fan- go figure. I'm hoping with more teeth Cole will be more adventurous in the finger food department. He'll definitely tackle foods when he feels like it, but he's still a big fan of his baby food. We're up to three teeth- His two bottom teeth are just about in and the top right tooth has broke through. We think he's getting more used to this teething thing because he only fights it at bedtime. I haven't been afraid of giving the boy a little pain medicine to deal with it at night time. It seems to make everyone happier.

Overall, Cole is such a happy baby. We love watching the pure joy spread across his face when he confronts something new and exciting. His eyes light up, he waves his hands and even claps. It absolutely warms my heart and makes me so proud to be this little man's mom. I will admit, there are moments I miss my old life- being free to be on the move, out and about, but I would not trade in motherhood for anything. Cole has brought so much happiness to me, he's my beautiful little miracle.

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