Friday, July 29, 2011

Backyard BBQ!

Summer Bucket List #28: Backyard BBQ!

I'm coming to terms with the fact that in less than a month I'll be heading back to makes me sad to think about, but then I have to realize that I should just enjoy the days I have off and not think about going back to work already.

Sadly, I haven't seen my Swanson friends nearly as much as I would have liked so I thought I'd have a few people over for a backyard BBQ. It's so hard because I would have loved to invite the entire crew, but that gets overwhelming...and expensive. The Eberts, Gebauers, Marinello, and Amanda and Steve came over for a beautiful evening in the backyard. Although it was humid, the rain held off and we were able to sit in the backyard until the mosquitoes took over.

Dan put on a fake smile so he could be included in the picture...

I've missed you Mike!

Willie begging Jess for cheese!

the crew

Mike got a whiff of the dog poop and needed to smell the jasmine so he didn't puke.

AMANDA- It's been too long!!!

Jim grilled up some food and we threw back a few drinks and caught up. It was long overdue and wonderful! Cael and Cole stripped down to their diapers and played so well together. At one point we look over at them and it looked like they were wrestling. I absolutely love watching these two play together. Now that they are a little bit older they able to keep up with one another. They're both feisty, playful little boys! We are definitely going to have our hands full one day.

These two are so damn cute!!

Sweet Baby Cole

It was such a fun evening and something I wish we could do on a weekly basis. Everyone's life is so busy, it's so hard to find evenings that work for everyone. I'm so fortunate to work with such wonderful people that I can truly call friends!

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