Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer fun

Summer vacation has officially started and we're loving every minute of being at home with Cole. We spend our days doing a whole lot of...nothing! 9 months is a very fun age and we're loving all of the giggles and squealing coming from the little man. Look at that smile! He's one happy lil' camper!!

Jim and I bought Cole this great pop up tent so that he can be outside, enjoying the weather, without being exposed to the sunlight. We lather him up with sunscreen, but it's just easier if we can keep him blocked from the sun.

He spent most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday playing independently in his tent. The dogs would periodically come over and visit him, and he LOVED watching Jim cut the grass. It was just nice to be able to get some things done outside and/or just sit in the sun myself. I could use a little color on my cheeks :)

It was a well spent $25...It folds up and pops up quickly and it'll be really handy to take with us all summer. Instant shade! I love it...With the pull of a cord, it unfolds and he can hang in the shade while Mom gets a little sun!

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