Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Everyone's heard of a bucket list, but I got the idea of a summer bucket list from my friend Sarah's blog post. She has her ideas beautifully illustrated and displayed around her window...I don't think we'll need to go that far this summer, but by next year we definitely will be doing that! Cole's pretty clueless when it comes to our summer adventures, but Mom is excited. I keep Cole in mind with most of my ideas, but a few are just for Mom and Dad!
  1. Stroller ride by the lakefront and coffee at Alterra for Mom
  2. Make apple juice popsicles 
  3. Story time at the Bayview Library
  4. Hoyt Park pool
  5. Zoo trip
  6. Blow bubbles in the backyard
  7. Play in dirt- get messy! 
  8. Camera Class at Arts Camera
  9. South Shore Farmer's Market
  10. South Milwaukee Farmer's Market
  11. Humboldt Park Splash Pad with Aunt Jen, Noah and Erica
  12. Afternoon walk with Aunt Kathy
  13. Go cherry picking in Door County
  14. Set up a rain barrel 
  15. Make a garden stepping stone
  16. Picnic lunch at Grandma Jeanne's house
  17. Chill on the Hill
  18. Hike at Kettle Moraine or Devil's Lake
  19. Stroller Fitness
  20. Play dates with friends
  21. Meet cousin Emery
  22. Swimming at Okauchee Lake
  23. Campfire in backyard
  24. Boat ride with Dad- go fishing
  25. Brewer game, including a tailgate
  26. Camping
I'm sure there are even more fun ideas, but in reality I'd be satisfied if we could put a dent in this list. It doesn't really matter if I get to even half of these summer fun ideas, but I one promise I want to make to myself is that I'll post each time I tackle one. If I could remember to snap a picture of each that would be even better!

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