Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Today...

Starting today, okay maybe tomorrow, I am going to STOP worrying. If you follow my blog then you know that Cole is on the small side of the world AND he fusses to take a bottle. He's barely hitting the 5th percentile in weight- he's a long and lean little boy- and he lets the whole wide world know when he's not interested in taking a bottle....lips smacked together and both hands pushing the bottle out of your hands. If you don't believe me ask either grandma, daycare provider, friends, family, Mom or Dad. I'd offer to nurse him, but he's not all that interested in that either. I try mixing breast milk with formula...sometimes it's a go, sometimes he's not going there. Ahhhh!

Because of this, I'm constantly worrying that he's getting enough milk each day. Today was a perfect example of this. Cole slept in a bit (until 8:15am! Shocking!), took a 7 ounce bottle, had breakfast and then we went to Katie's for a playdate. By 12:45pm you'd think he'd be ready for another bottle, right? Well...he wasn't interested. So I fed him lunch. He snacked on some finger food and took a half pouch of food and went on playing. Happy as can the meantime, Mom's worrying because he didn't take his bottle.

We got home around 4pm so I offered him a thanks was his reply. So I made him dinner- oatmeal, yogurt, half pouch of food and he went on playing. Happy as can the meantime, Mom's worrying because he didn't take his bottle.

By 7pm Cole was ready for bed. We snuggled him in jammies, nestled him in his sleep sack, made a bottle...and guess what? He took it! All 8 ounces! Without difficulty!

So...starting tomorrow, I need to promise myself that I'll try not to worry about Cole's finicky feasting.

On a side note, I will tell you though that I just made Jim run to Target to buy a different formula. I always buy the Gerber Good Start Gentle and for some odd, crazy-ass reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to buy the Gerber Good Start Protect container instead...WHY DO I DO SHIT LIKE THAT? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID (slapping hand on forehead)!!! My kid struggles enough the way it is, I really don't need to be switching shit up because it says "protect" on the god damn container. I can't fathom this particular formula is going to "protect" and build his immune system all that much. I have a pretty good feeling breast feeding exclusively for a solid 8 months did that. Now let's just get the damn kid drinking...right? Sorry...

I'll try the "Protect" again tomorrow morning, but if he doesn't take it, we're back to "Gentle"...for good. Regardless of what the crap on the label reads. Funny...the book Go the F*** to Sleep has become even more popular since Samuel Jackson decided to narrate it. I am considering writing my own version...Take the F-ing Bottle. I'm creative. I think I'd have an audience out there.

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