Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a pleasant moment...

Jim and I were out for our morning walk with Cole and the dogs when the sky turned black. We got home just before it started pouring. Cole, Lexa, and I made it in the house, but Willie and Jim got stuck in the garage. Willie was terrified, hiding under the boat because of the thunder.It's been raining here in Wisconsin, just about everyday. Well, it feels like it's rained everyday, even if it hasn't.

The clouds come and go, but at this moment the sun is shining and there is a gorgeous breeze blowing through my living room. I just enjoyed a delicious lunch of fresh bread with tomato, fresh moz, and basil, Cole took two bottles effortlessly this morning, his teeth don't seem to be bothering him too much today, and he's been napping for an hour. I am just going to put my feet up, finish this post, and enjoy this pleasant moment.

Deep breath in, deep breath out....ahhh!

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