Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Livin' it Up at Lambeau

Jim and I enjoyed the tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert at Lambeau Field he had bought for me for Christmas. It was a MUCH NEEDED night out! We dropped Cole off at Grandma Colleen's around 3:30pm and headed up to Green Bay for a night of country music. I was in heaven!! The weather was a little chilly, but the music made up for it. We made it in time to see the Zac Brown Band open up. They were awesome, but in my opinion, nothing compared to Kenny Chesney falling from the sky and opening up his show. I sang the entire three hours. Check out the set list! Thanks Jim for a night out!

Cole was less than cooperative for Grandma, but he survived and that's all that matters. He was absolutely pleasant for her, but refused to take the bottle and didn't go down for bed until after 9pm. His typical bedtime is 7:30-7:45pm. Every night Cole will snuggle up and guzzle down a 7-9oz. bottle from Mom...go figure, he wouldn't take it for Grandma. He did sleep through the night so he couldn't have been that starving!

I've been apprehensive to leave Cole for extended periods of time because he's so stubborn when it comes to taking the bottle. Grandma Jeanne doesn't seem to have a problem when she watches him, but others really struggle. We've created a monster over here...I'm so used to putting Cole down every night that when others try, it's tough. Jim will try, but after 30 minutes of fussing and crying, I take over and get him sleeping...you'd think he'd be used to taking a bottle from others since he did every day, but nooooo.

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