Monday, June 20, 2011

he's crawling...

Cole officially crawled FORWARDS on Father's Day...he was playing with Grandma Jeanne on the rug in our living room and was really wanting to get to his flashcards in the toy drawer in our living room table. He got himself up on his knees and instead of just rocking, or moving backwards, he lifted his legs and moved to the table. I think we startled him when I jumped up hooting and hollering to get the camera. Of course Jim was in the shower when he did it the first time, but Grandma Jeanne and Grumpa were there to witness it. Plus, he did it a few more times once Jim was downstairs.

I'll be honest, this milestone is a little bittersweet. I'm excited for him, but not thrilled with what this means for Mom. I'm not sure how house is ready to have a Cole on the Crawl! We are definitely going to need to invest in some baby gates!

Either way, I'm proud of the little guy! You did it!!

Cole's finger has been slammed in this drawer a number of times...he'll learn!

"Grandma Jeanne, do you see my really cool puzzle?"

"When you put the puzzle piece in the correct location it makes awesome noises!"

"My cousin Emery gave it to me. I love it!"

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