Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 1st Father's Day Jim!

Like Father, like Son...

Happy Father's Day Jim! I had a rough birthday/Mother's Day weekend, so I'm trying my hardest to make it a bit more memorable for Jim. We started the weekend with a birthday BBQ at our house on Saturday for Colleen's birthday.
Our Father's Day craft for Dad and Grumpa!

For Father's Day I bought Jim a rain barrel. He's been wanting one for over a year, so I finally made the purchase. I talked to Esther our art teacher and she was willing to paint it for me. Monday, while Jim was at work, I picked up the barrel, the paint, did some research and dropped everything off at Esther's house. I sent her some pictures of salmon and told her I was hoping for a Lake Michigan scene with salmon jumping. I know Jim hasn't gotten out on the water as much this year as he has in the past, so this was my way of saying thank you.

On Saturday I was able to sneak away and pick up the finished barrel. I'm terrible with surprises, but I really wanted to wait until Father's Day morning to give it to Jim. I am notorious for giving gifts before the actual date because I'm anxious, excited, and I just can't wait. I talked to Miguel, our neighbor, and he was willing to hide the barrel until Sunday morning so I wouldn't be tempted. Plus, where the hell was I going to hide this beast where Jim wouldn't see it.

A HUGE thank you to Esther for making a beautiful piece of art. It looks great in our backyard!

On Sunday afternoon Mom and Dad came over for dinner. That was my Father's Day gift to my dad...a meal and some time hanging out. We didn't really do a lot, but it was just nice to spend time with them. One exciting moment of the afternoon was when Cole crawled FORWARDS for the first time. He scooted across the rug to get to the toy drawer in our living room table. He was anxious to snag the flashcards from the drawer to chew on...crawling post is coming! 

Summer Bucket List #14: Set up a rain barrel!

Happy First Father's Day Jim! We love you!

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