Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Willie

My Sweet Baby Willie
The start of summer vacation always means an expensive trip to Brentwood to see Brad or Brett the Vet. Unlike so many animals, our dogs LOVE going to the vet. That's a blessing, I guess...Jim and I weren't really looking forward to this visit though because Willie's developed a few new growths that we knew were suspicious...Willie's always had fatty growths all over his body, so has Lexa for that matter, but these were different and we both knew that. One was on his tummy, very close to his privates. He's bothered by it and will lick it until it's raw. The other one I noticed about a month ago. It's on his leg. At first we thought he'd been stung by something because it seemed more like inflammation than a growth of any kind. It was almost like he had a swollen leg muscle or something.

Lexa got a relatively clean bill of health, as did Willie, EXCEPT for his growths. They didn't like the looks of them and took cells to observe under the microscope. The results came back the same day and they were abnormal. They didn't use the word cancer, but Jim and I both have a feeling they're malignant. He's going in for dental surgery on July 12 and they'll be removing as much of both tumors as they can. Because of their locations there is a good chance they may not be able to get the 2-3cm clean margin that they want surrounding. They gave us the option to be super aggressive, but that would mean rerouting his urinary track (penis and all) and removing his leg. We can't fathom doing that...besides the fact that it would cost us a ridiculous amount of money that we don't have, his way of life does not seem to be bothered by either of the masses right now.

Willie's about 10 or 11...he's been with us about 8 years and they estimated he was about 2 when we adopted him. I can't imagine taking his leg from him...that would be awful. As I type, tears are falling down my face and my heart is extremely heavy. Willie is absolutely my best friend in the entire world. I love him more than most humans, sometimes even more than Jim (just joking...sort of). I can't begin to imagine our household without him. Not only would we miss him, Lexa will be a mess without her partner in crime. If Jim takes Will for a car ride without her, she paces the house until he returns.

I am trying to stay optimistic...his behavior is no different today than it was before the dreaded trip to the vet. He's still the same goofy dog that loves cheese and walks. They didn't say cancer over the phone (although I know they can't since they can't determine that in their office). Hopefully they'll remove the masses and we'll get a few more good years with him. I don't even like to think of the alternative. I'm not much of a praying person, but I beg you to keep Willie in your positive thoughts. He really needs it....

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