Monday, June 20, 2011

The Big "Dip Shit"...

I spent some time with my parents this weekend because of the Father's Day holiday...I probably shouldn't make fun of my father in this way, but I can't two different times this weekend Dad made me laugh out loud with some of his comments.

On Saturday after the market we walked over to the playground so the kids could play. Dad's job was to sit on a bench and watch the strollers and multiple bags. Cole was enjoying swinging so I snipped a video of it so I could post (see previous post) and share. Jim took over with the swinging so I went to keep Dad company. The following conversation took place:

Kate: Dad, check this out. Cole absolutely loves swinging (I proceed to start the video of Cole swinging so Dad could watch).

Dad: Wow, Kate! That picture actually moves. That's pretty sharp (very serious look on his face).

Kate: Dad, are you serious? Of course it's moving, it's a video, not a picture...

I then busted out laughing. Yes, my father, Dick Schmidt, otherwise known as Dip Shit (another classic story) is getting older. Now, you may not find that too funny, but at the moment it was priceless. He couldn't get over that the picture was moving and it NEVER occurred to him that it was a video.

The next day, Mom and Dad came over for dinner. We enjoyed our meal and we were relaxing and watching a little TV. Jim had the blue cable guide screen on and as he was scrolling through the channels, Dad spoke up and said...

Dad: Oh, guys ever watch Bridezilla?

Kate: Uh, no Dad...I've never even heard of that show. Have you watched it?

Dad: Well...

Dad then goes on to rehash two complete episodes involving boxing gloves and another episode where the groom leaves the bride at the alter. He was quite familiar with all the details. He then went on to say those women are complete bitches.

Geez, Dad may be getting old, but he watches awesome television.

Later that evening, after Mom and Dad went home, I called him because I noticed a show on VH1 that I thought he'd be interested in...Mob Wives. He promised to turn it on, but I'm not sure if he liked it or not.

Dad- thanks for the chuckles this weekend...I loved it!

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