Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm not sure why moms always wish for the next "exciting" milestone...Cole took is first forward movement on Father's Day. Since then he's gotten a lot more comfortable on the go and it's gotten a lot harder to keep up with him. He's been exploring the world/house around him and I'm doing my best to keep up with him. I started a list this morning of all the ways I need to baby proof my house. Safety gates are a must, but there are little things I never would have thought of...the cords on the blinds, the cords from the TV, computer, my wine rack, the dogs food and water bowls and on and on and on...the list is endless.

This afternoon I turned my back for a moment and he was off and crawling to the wine rack...not cool little man. Those bottles are Mommy's...don't mess with them. He didn't really get it, and loved the way the wine glasses clinked when they hit one another. I wasn't laughing as hard as he was. I proceeded to say, "not for Cole...let's find something else to play with..." I picked him up, moved him to the living room, and within minutes he was on the move again. This time he planted himself in front of our front screen door. He was pounding on the glass and waving to the people passing by. Much more appropriate, and absolutely adorable. I encouraged that behavior as much as I could. Because our house isn't totally kid proof, we've been finding shade and playing in the backyard too. So many people say their children don't like the grass, but Cole had no problem with it. He pulled it out, looked at it, crawled around in it...this just means more work though. We're going to have to be diligent about picking up Willie and Lexa's poops now!

Believe me when I say, I'm NOT complaining...I'm just not entirely sure how to deal with these things. I'm sort of a believer in teaching Cole that some things are just not for babies...is this realistic? Certain items are going to need to be packed up for a while...I get that. I guess I need to make my way to Babies R Us to buy a few items and Target to get some organizational things. I'm excited for Cole and for what mobility means for him, but I need to prepare myself for what it means for Mom!

Cole used to LOVE being in his Johnny Jumper...you've all seen the multiple videos of him jumping and laughing. Well now that he's on the move himself he's not crazy about being in there. It's like he knows he's trapped. He used to love it because it gave him some freedom to move, but now that he can move on his own and explore, it's not as fun. Periodically we can get him to enjoy some time in his walk-around play table, but he spends more time running in circles (see video below) than playing with anything at the table.

The little man has worn himself out today and was ready for bed at 6:15pm. I managed to sneak in a bath and a bottle, but he was out by 7pm. I guess that's what all that moving and shaking will do to a 9 month old!

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