Thursday, June 16, 2011

#20 Summer Means Play Dates

#20 on the summer bucket list...Playdate with Friends. Hopefully we tackle this activity more than once this summer!

It's been too long since Cole has seen his buddy Blake and I've had the chance to catch up with Katie. Jess and I met Katie while on maternity leave at the breastfeeding group and we became friends quickly. Her son Blake is a couple months older than Cole. Jess and I took the boys to Katie's house today for a get together. It was really fun to watch them interact. They're all a month apart- Blake is 11 months, Cael 10 months, and Cole 9 months. It's amazing the changes they go through in that short amount of time. Cole looked like a peanut next to those boys, but I have no doubt one day he'll hold his own.

Cole loved all of the new toys and was fascinated watching Dasher, the cat. Katie made us some delicious snacks and encouraged me to give Cole some new finger foods- he tried chicken, carrots, watermelon, cheese, and bread today for lunch. He loved all of it. He wouldn't take his damn bottle, but what else is new? With Father's Day coming up this weekend, Katie also had ink and paper and helped me stamp Cole's feet for a special card for Jim.

Now that we're on break I hope to spend more time with Katie and Blake. We left Cole's Sophie giraffe there which just means we'll have to get together again soon!
Green feet! Mom's always making me craft it up!

Cole surrounded by his yellow balls...I swear it's his favorite color.

Dasher, the cat, wanted in on the action.

Go Cael Go!

Are you ready for that Jess?

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