Thursday, May 26, 2011

tackling some jobs

I had to take advantage of the fact that I had off of work this week and take care of some jobs around the house. It took me all week to accomplish what could have been done in a day, but that's what happens when you have an 8 month old home with you. It also makes the work less daunting when you can do a little bit at a time.

I cleaned the house from top to bottom, including all of my hardwood floors. I am really good about keeping up with the dusting and picking up, but I hate tackling the floors. Everything got picked up and I used my new steam mop to clean them. They looked great for about 45 minutes...until Willie and Lexa drank some water and came in from outside. Oh well...
Jim installed a microwave for us a few months back. There is a hysterical story that goes along with that installation, but I'm not going to get into that in this post. To make a long story really short, the microwave was waaayyy too high- mounted at the soffet (sp?), making it very difficult to get things in and out of the microwave unless you're 6'2". Uncle Donn stopped over, took a few measurements, and three short days later we had a wonderful cubby and our microwave was mounted at an appropriate level! Yippee!!

I FINALLY took the time to clean our area rugs this week too. It was LONG overdue! Kathy and Donn came to the rescue again and loaned me their carpet cleaner. Now that I know I don't have to remove the rugs I told them I'd be using it once/month to do this job again. It was so easy and they look so much nicer. I wish I had taken a before picture, but this is what they look like now.

Now that Cole is getting bigger he's starting to actually play with the many toys he has. We've gotten so many toys as gifts and hand me downs from his cousins. I promised myself I wouldn't let my living room be taken over with kid's crap so I had to do something about it, and fast! I decided to buy another book shelf that holds baskets and organize Cole's toys and books there. I really wanted to second as a TV stand, but Jim thought it was too wobbly so I had to find a new home for it. I'm not loving it's location in the living room, but it's functional and Cole has easy access to all of his things.

Jobs left to do:
  • Clean under the sink and properly remove all of the household cleaners- I am completely grossed out by the amount of chemicals found in everyday household cleaners. I purchased all natural Shaklee products and I'm now getting rid of old stuff. The hard part is that most of these cleaners are too toxic to dump down the drain (scary, I know...and we clean our home with them) so I have to take them to the dump for proper disposal.
  • Pull out my spring/summer clothes and put away winter/fall wardrobe- I'll be honest, I haven't been jumping to tackle this task because our weather in Wisconsin has been less than cooperative. We had one 80 degree day and I almost did it then...since then it's rained, snowed, sleeted, and been less than wonderful.
  • Clean/organize my dresser drawers- yuck...I hate doing this. I have way too much stuffed in the drawers so they never stay organized.
  • Clean car inside and out- I hate taking care of my'd be a lot more fun if it was brand new. I thought I'd enjoy my ride more if I took the time to clean it...doubtful.
I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, but for now that's what I can think of...

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