Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my finicky fella

Over spring break I made the transition from nursing to bottles...I still nurse first thing in the morning, but besides that Cole's been taking bottles. There were two big reasons for this transition...1. Cole still seemed hungry after several feedings, especially before bed. 2. Cole's never really loved taking a bottle and I figured by going to bottles full time he may get more acclimated to that way of life...

Over spring break I had relatively few problems giving him a bottle throughout the day and before bed. He took it just fine...once back to daycare though our troubles started. He still does NOT love taking a bottle at daycare. I have no idea what the issue is, but Heather, Grandma, and Aunt Kathy all struggle to get him to drink from the bottle. If it was just one person I'd question it, but all three?! Not sure what's going on with this finicky little fella. Most of the time he takes his milk during the day in his rice cereal because he's adamant about not drinking from the bottle.

I will admit, if the boy's not hungry, he's not taking a bottle, but a part of me thinks it's more than that. I can get him home at 5pm, offer him a bottle and he'll take it. WTH??? 30 minutes earlier, someone else can offer him a bottle and it's a no-go. Not sure what to think about all that...just one more example of Cole having a strong personality, I guess.

We are just coming off of a long Memorial Day weekend...I had no problems giving him a bottle each day. He took 20-28oz of milk each day. Now...those 20-28oz come in the form of breast milk, formula or a mix...in that way it's still a guessing game. Most of the time when I make him a bottle I end up making two, sometimes three...sometimes he drinks breast milk in the bottle, sometimes he wants formula, and sometimes he willing to take a mix of the two. It's the game I play to get my kid to eat...mental note for baby #2 (if we have another child)- get the kid taking a bottle on a regular basis early. The whole "nipple confusion" crap is for the birds!

We'll see what the ladies say this week...will he take the bottle or not? Who knows!

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