Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eight is Great

Well Cole is almost 9 months old, but I'm posting about his 8th month on Earth...I swear one of these months I'll be on the ball with posting. In reality though I like to post towards the end of the month since I then have pictures from the particular age...there I go making excuses again.

Cole is changing before our eyes. He gets more and more fun as he gets a little older and can do a few more things. It's funny how as a new mom you're always anxious for the next major milestone. That would be crawling for Cole...he's absolutely ready and I'm excited for him, but in reality our house is not ready for a man on the crawl! 

Month 8 Milestones: 
  • scootching on his belly- a lot of pivot turns & getting frustrated because he's not going anywhere
  • loving to swing at the park and jump in his Johnny Jumper- he's been running as far as he can in the jumper, lifting his legs and swinging back-absolutely darling to watch
  • pulling up on things, but not to a full stand up yet...fine by me :)
  • sleeping like a champ- I'm hesitant to type that because goodness knows it can change in a heartbeat, but Cole's been sleeping 10-11 hours/night. He goes down around 7-7:30am and he's up around 6am. We'd love for him to sleep a little later in the morning, but I'm NOT complaining
  • Slapping hands together in a sort of clapping motion- watching us wave and wants to give it a try, but his arms is a little spastic when he does it :)
  • Still long and lean, but we're doing our best of fatten him up. He's wearing 6-9 month clothing...we're trying to get as much food in him as possible. We'll see what he weighs in at at his 9 month check-up
  • Loving solid food and starting finger food- loves Puffs and Yogurt Melts...Mom needs to get better at giving him other options
  • Starting to recognize his name and turns when you call it
  • Graduated out of the carseat on stroller rides- he's been doing great just in the jogger or the umbrella stroller
  • Looks for toys when hidden
  • A little separation anxiety has set in...we're trying not to make a big deal about it. A few tears in the morning at drop off, but HUGE smiles when you go to pick him up. That's a big bonus
  • He's a tickle monster- ticklish on his tummy, thighs, knees, and around his neck

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