Monday, April 25, 2011

wag more, bark less

Willie and Lexa truly are the best dogs in the world. Since Cole's come home they've sort of taken a backseat in my blog posts. I thought they deserved a post of their own!

They are so wonderful with Cole, especially as he's become more aware of them. They will lay down next to him on the ground and Cole is quick to roll over and grab their ears or rub their fur. Although we're extremely careful to be sure he's not hurting the dogs, it would absolutely SHOCK me if either Willie or Lexa ever did anything to hurt Cole.

I must admit that at times my patience is short for the dogs...when I get home from work I'm frantically trying to start the evening routine and I have to remember that they have missed us all day too. They need some loving and scritching. They are quick to forgive though if I don't get to them until 8pm when I finally sit down on the chair for the first time all night. Willie is always the first one to sit at my feet and wait for permission to crawl up on my lap and snuggle- he truly is an 80 lb. lap dog.

Now that we're on spring break, the dogs are loving that Jim and I are home all day. I think they're looking forward to summer as much as we are. I have to remind myself to enjoy each day with the dogs as much as I enjoy each day with Cole. The other day we found a lump on Willie's front leg...I will admit I broke down into tears immediately while the dreaded thought of cancer came to my mind. Our dogs are known for their skin tags and fatty bumps, but this was different. We watched it a few days and gave the big guy extra snuggles. It must have been some sort of bee sting or spider bite because it seems to have gone away....THANKFULLY!

Regardless, it was a reminder to me to enjoy each day with big Will and little Lex. They truly are my best friends and they've taught me a lot about life and love.

Happy Easter!

These dogs absolutely love each other...

Silly Lexa waiting for a belly rub!

Snuggling up...

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