Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Half Birthday

6 Months!!

A half of year...I can't believe it! In the blink of an eye Cole is 6 months old. It's absolutely remarkable how quickly the time has gone by and how much this little guy has changed. Watching Cole grow is so much fun- we've hit so many milestones and I'm trying my hardest to document them and write down when they're occuring. The weeks go by so fast it's really hard to keep up. By 6 months old Cole's well on his way to some memorable milestones...

6 month stats

14lbs. 6oz. (5th percentile)
28" long (80th percentile)
They did measure his head too, but I'm not sure I wrote that number down. Oopps!

I will admit, I was a little disappointed that Cole hadn't gained more weight, but I shouldn't be surprised that the boy is long and lean...just like Mom and Dad. Dr. Pikna reassured me that I shouldn't be concerned, but we'll be upping to three meals/day and we'll be pushing more milk at daycare.

- recognizes the dogs and loves watching them roam the house
- continuing to eat solid foods- we haven't found a food he's allergic to or one he doesn't like
- sits up unattended for an extended period of time
- maa, maa, maa...baa, baa, baa...gaa, gaa, gaa
- locates nuk, picks it up and puts it back in his mouth- rotates it so it's inserted correctly
- loves to play peek-a-boo
- ticklish under his arm pits
- spends a lot of time at night rolling to tummy- keeps all of us awake!

It's been a blast watching Cole grow and change. He's really developing a lot of personality!

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