Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Dad's a Track Coach

Track season started...that means Jim's evenings are filled with practices and prepping for meets. It also means that Cole and I have to hightail it home as soon as humanly possible to let the dogs out. Typically Jim gets home a couple hours before us so unfortunately coaching = Willie and Lexa are couped up even longer.

Jen, Noah, and Erica met Cole and I at Jim's last home meet. Noah and Erica LOVED being so close to the runners. Noah kept scooting around the floor, anxious to get out on the track himself. Hopefully they'll come to more meets with me. It's always more fun when you're sitting/standing with someone else.

Jim's assistant principal made Cole this CMS onesie before he was born and he finally fits into it. I'm hoping the lovely spring weather in Wisconsin warms up so that he can wear it to Jim's next track meet...

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