Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lucky Number 7

This boy is too damn cute!!!

7 months old...okay, in reality Cole's almost 8 months, but we're pretending I'm a diligent mom that keeps up with her son's milestones and blogs on a weekly basis. Sigh...oh, how I wish. I'm trying not to admit I just posted Cole's 6 month post and in a week he'll be eight months. Noone cares, right?

Any new mom that's back at work full time will tell you that your evenings go by way too quickly. By the time I pick up Cole from daycare and get home it's after 5pm. It's time for Cole to eat, we play, and then his 7:30pm bedtime sneaks up on us. I try to fit in as much Mommy time I can in that two hour window of time.

After Cole is down for the night, Jim and I try to sneak in a meal together and then I take 45 minutes to veg in front of the TV. I guess I could use that time to update my blog, but the last thing I want to do at that moment is sit on the computer.

Okay...I'll stop making excuses now and I'll tell you about Cole's seventh month on Earth. Every month seems to fly by and with that time comes the many changes of the first year of life. We've been continuing physical therapy once/month and Anne, Cole's therapist is pleased with his progress. Cole's sleeping has improved tremendously...he periodically wakes up once/night, maybe once or twice/week, otherwise he's been sleeping anywhere from 8-11 hours each night. That has allowed me to catch up on some much needed Zzzzz's. I am almost feeling normal again. In all honesty, Cole has spoiled me a bit with his sleeping (I better not jinx myself by writing about it) to the point that when he does get up in the night I find myself exhausted the next day.

Month 7 sure has been a lot of fun...Cole has been scooting on his tummy, pivoting to reach for toys and objects, and squishing his butt up in the air. He's getting ready move! Cole's become much more independent and he'll play by himself for several minutes. We can leave him sitting up in the living room while I wash dishes or get a bottle ready. He also loves to play in his jumperoo or exersaucer. We're all spoiled with the many options Cole has to play with. Rolling from back to tummy back to back transports Cole across the floor to get closer to the dogs or the treasure he's currently after. It won't be long and we'll be needing to baby-proof the first floor and purchase some gates.

The giggles and laughs continue...we've discovered that Cole has a few tickle spots in his armpits, at his side, and on his feet. He loves to be startled and tickled during play time. He definitely takes after his Mom when it comes to communicating...he's picked up the Ddaa, ddaaa, daa sound although he doesn't associate that with Dad. Now that he recognizes Mom and Dad it's been really fun to come home or see him in the morning or after a nap. He's grinning from ear to ear when I walk in the room...boy is that an amazing ego trip :)

Since Cole's weight was a little low last month we've been working on feeding. He's loving his solid meals- he tried the Stonyfield's Yobaby yogurt and absolutely gobbled it down. We've upped to three full meals a day on top of the milk. Cole weighed in at 15lbs. 1oz at a quick trip to the doctor last week. He's slowly gaining...I guess that's all that matters. I'm telling myself I won't worry about it, so I won't!

Never in my life would I ever have thought I'd love motherhood as much as I do...Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'd kill for a quiet day filled with sleeping in, reading my book, naps throughout the day and a dinner out. But in all reality, I wouldn't trade in these past seven months for anything in the world. I've learned so much from Cole, so much about myself...he is a sweet bundle of energy that Jim and I love more than life itself. Everyday we stare in amazement at the beautiful boy we brought into this world.

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