Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Hands Love

Introducing Cole to the textures of the world is so fun! I love watching his eyes bulge out of his head when he touches something he's never felt before. I am really looking forward to spring and summer when he can sit in the grass, go to the beach, feel the wind in his face...all of those tiny things we, as adults, take for granted.

I recently purchased him two books called Little Hands Love and Little Feet Love. Each page shows a photograph of something you touch with your hands or feet and on the opposite page is a new texture that coincides with the picture. He LOVES these books and they occupy him beautifully while he's sitting at his booster seat and I'm prepping or cleaning up his dinner. One evening I overheard him "talking" to his book and when I turned to look at him, this is what I saw! I instantly started tearing up....

...these are the moments I love.

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piggytoespress said...

We're the publisher of those books! We're so glad that Cole is enjoying them. Would love for him to be a fan of the week and we'll post this picture on our blog and send you a free book.

Email me at if you're interested!