Saturday, April 30, 2011

Impromptu Family Gathering

We had a very fun impromptu family gathering on Thursday afternoon/evening. Jen came over with the kids around 3:30pm and they played with Cole. Then Mom, Dad, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn came over around 4pm. It wasn't really planned, it just sort of happened. Those are always the nights that turn out to be the most fun. Jen and the kids left around supper time, but the rest of the crew stuck around to play cards.

Uncle Donn made some delicious lasagna and bread and we played Phase 10 well into the evening. We got a little slap happy around 10pm because it was getting kind of late and we were all laughing at Aunt Kathy. Our game was interrupted a few times because we were hungry, Cole was hungry, American Idol results show came on, then Cole had to be put to bed. Noone cared though...we weren't on a time frame and we could just go with the flow. Of course, the one time we don't play for money I end up being the big winner. I'll be honest, the playing of the game was enough for me. I loved it!

Through the entire afternoon, Cole was such a trooper. He bounced independently in his Johnny jumper, played on the floor, let us dress him up in sunglasses, he sat in his booster chair and played with the cards for at least an hour, and then took his bottle and went down without a hitch so we could continue in the fun.

All in all it was probably the best night of my spring break!

Where did you guys come from?

Let me at them!!

The sun is finally shining!!

Playing Phase 10

Can I play?

Anyone need a 9 of clubs?

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