Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Noah

I can hardly believe this darling little boy is 5 years old! We spent Saturday afternoon at a birthday party for Noah. He invited all of his friends from school and the kids had fun scavenging for eggs in the yard and having an egg relay race topped off with pizza, cake and ice cream. Every five year old's dream! Although Cole had his very own basket with his name on it, he wasn't up for traipsing around the yard searching for eggs, so we hung out on a blanket and enjoyed the sunshine.

On Sunday, our family celebrated with Noah at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Donn's house. It was an impromptu gathering with cake and ice cream and a whole lot of Lego's!!

Happy Birthday Noah! We love you!

I'm bummed that these pictures didn't turn out very well...there is a terrible glare from the outdoor pictures and the others are blurry. Damn.

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