Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cole & Madelyn

Jim's family has a boat load of boys...Jim is one of four boys, all of his brothers have had sons (so far), and when you look back in their family history only boys have been born on his Mom's side of the family in the past 28ish years. That is until Madelyn was born! Maddie was born a month after Cole...her mom Megan was the last girl to be born in that family so no one was surprised that she was the one to deliver a beautiful baby girl.

Megan and I were on maternity leave at the same time and we were able to get together a few times to craft it up and just relax and share Mom stories. I've been in the family for a while, but having babies so close together allowed us to get to know each other better. The pictures below were taken at a family dinner one random evening and at Jennifer's (Jim's cousin) bridal shower. It's fun to see how they've grown and changed.

Cole getting up close and personal with Madelyn.

Loving up on their Sophie giraffes

Who needs the presents...we love the paper!

...I really wonder what they're thinking in this picture...

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