Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wisconsin's in the News...

Unless you're living under a rock you've probably heard that my good ol' state of Wisconsin is in the news because of Crazy Ass Governor Walker. I apologize upfront if anyone is a fan of Walker and is offended by that statement, but the man is insane and needs to be recalled immediately.

For the last two months, we have been dealing with Walker's Budget Repair Bill. This bill would apparently help balance our budget by decreasing our pay and increasing the amount of money we pay for insurance and towards our pension, yet many educators are still trying to figure out how giving up our rights to collectively bargain would balance the budget. You can develop your own opinion on the matter, but I don't think people really understand what eliminating collective bargaining for teachers would mean. Would it affect me as a teacher? Absolutely. Would it affect many of you as a parent...YES! Everything from curriculum, class size, prep time, length of school day, number of days in session, could be affected. Our school boards and districts are searching for ways to balance their own budgets. Because of that, in a heartbeat they would have the authority to increase class size and cut teachers & special ed assistants. You're crazy if you don't think class size will affect the quality of education.
Everyday when I watch the news or read the paper, I am more and more disgusted by this idiot's beliefs. He's even gone as far as to say he wanted to eliminate the mandate to recycle in the state of Wisconsin! WTF! Stop recycling?!?

At this point the bill is in the hands of the Supreme Court. We wait to hear their ruling on the matter and to see if the Republicans will have to go back and revote. It's an awful fiasco and I'm not looking forward to seeing how this effects our paychecks. Jim and I spent a few weekends in Madison's good to have my Saturday's back, but it's awful knowing the wait is still on.

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