Friday, February 11, 2011

Fighting the Flu without a Helmet

Jim and I took Cole for his head appointment at the Ozaukee Cranial Tech Center. I was a nervous wreck all day, just hoping the measurements of Cole's head would show that he does NOT qualify for a helmet. I took a half day of work and picked up Cole from Aunt Kathy's house around 12:30pm. Jim flew home from work and we made our way to Mequon for a 4pm appointment. I didn't get a great vibe from Karen, the technician. She was very business-like, which I guess is a good thing, but when you're dealing with a 4 month old baby you want a little touchy-feely action, if you know what I mean...She measured Cole's head and observed his behavior and we left the clinic without a follow-up appointment. Although his plagiocephaly is noticeable and his measurements on the back of his head could qualify him, there was very little difference in his eye or ear measurements so she would not recommend him being fitted. THANK GOODNESS!

I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief as we made our way home. That excitement was short-lived though...we weren't home more than an hour when out of nowhere Cole started throwing up. I'm not talking a little spit-up, I mean full on projectile vomit. It was terrifying. EVERY time I fed him anything, it came up. We put the little guy to bed, hoping he wouldn't throw up in his sleep and we were both awakened at 3:30am to a screaming Cole. 103. 3 fever!

That scared the be-geezus out of me. It took everything in  me not to call the pediatrician. Instead I gave the little guy some Tylenol and snuggled him close. It only took Cole two days at daycare to pick up something...go figure. Thursday we made our way to the doctor's office because he was continuing to puke and we couldn't get the fever down. Friday Jim stayed home with the little guy because he still wasn't back to himself.

By Friday afternoon we thought we were in the clear. Cole was brightening up a bit and he hadn't thrown up very much. He still had a fever, but it was lower than it had been. Jim made some dinner and I kept telling hiim I didn't feel well. We chalked it up to the fact that I only slept about 2 hours and had worked all day. Around 9pm, Cole woke up and I nursed him...several minutes into the feeding I was screaming for Jim to get me a bucket. Yes...I too had the flu. With nanoseconds to spare, Jim managed to get the garbage can under my mouth so I could vomit into it while nursing. It was quite the sight to see.

Jim scooped up a now screaming Cole and proceeded to be sick throughout the night. I only got up to nurse Cole and drink plenty of water. Saturday was a low-key day. Cole and I both slept most of the day away, but thankfully by Sunday afternoon we were both on the mend. I will tell you, having a sick baby is AWFUL, but having a sick baby and being sick yourself really sucks.

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