Friday, February 11, 2011

5 Months Old!!

Another month has slipped by and our baby Cole just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'd like to say that Jim and I are well adjusted with a baby at home and that we have everything all figured out. That is so far from the truth though. Everyday is a new day with new miracles and challenges.

As you've read, Cole started daycare a few weeks back. That has brought about some anxiety within Mom this month. I'm working on staying organized and getting out the door with everything in the morning. Cole seems to be adjusting just fine. He continued to hate the bottle and struggled with it each day so after visiting some parenting blogs and reading about what other moms have done, I decided to try a sippy cup with Cole. Never would I have imagined my barely 5 month old would be drinking from a cup, but that's the way we roll in the Sommerville house. He's able to grasp the handles and put it to his mouth. We're still monitoring him while he eats since he enjoys playing with the nipple more than drinking from it, but he's really becoming independent with it. He went from eating 4 oz/day at daycare from a bottle to 10-12oz/day. He was hungry...starving I'm sure.

The giggles and cackles of laughter have been filling the rooms at home. Cole loves to play peek-a-boo and getting startled is all a game to him. His deep-voiced laugh melts my insides. He's becoming more and more of a flirt, just like his mom. The other day at Target a young lady was admiring him and telling him how cute he was. Within seconds he spit his nuk out and gave that lady a big old grin. It's like he knew she needed that smile just then. I'm loving the little human that Cole is becoming...even when he's feisty!

We're continuing physical therapy to strengthen Cole's neck muscles, but he does not need a helmet for his plagiocephaly so we're very relieved. We've been spending time in the Johnny Jumper and the jumperoo at daycare. He loves to bounce and bounce and bounce. Lexa likes it too because it gives her the opportunity to lick his hands, toes, even his face. Cole doesn't seem to mind and often moves his head back and forth watching the dogs scurrying throughout the house. He's been baring weight in his legs and loves to pull to a sitting up position and into standing. We think he may walk before he crawls.

Jim and I are wondering if teeth are in the near future. The drooling has begun and Cole is gnawing on everything in sight. He went from sucking on his nuk to biting at it and pulling it through his gums. I keep feeling around in there to see if anything is poking through...nothing yet.

Month 5 also brought about the introduction of solid foods...squash was not a favorite and Cole literally gagged it out of his mouth when I made him try it. Sweet potatoes on the other hand were pretty much a success. He's figuring out what to do with the spoon and how to actually swallow the food, instead of letting it pool in his mouth before squirting it out. If I mix the rice cereal with apples with water instead of breast milk Cole is more likely to eat it, but it's still not one of his favorites. We're hoping to try carrots this weekend.

On a down note, Cole's sleeping routine has taken a turn for the worse. He went from sleeping through the night to waking once/night to nurse, to waking up multiple times and having a harder time getting himself back down. It doesn't help that he's had a cold for several weeks so he's been super congested. I am hoping that's why he's had such a hard time getting himself back to sleep. He's so stuffed up that he struggles to breathe through his nose when he's sucking on his nuk.

Cole still doesn't love tummy time. Whenever we lay him on his stomach he's quick to roll over to his back. We just keep flipping him back to his stomach and he just keeps rolling back to his back. It's a little game we play. In the next few weeks we're hoping to master sitting up. He can sit up, supported by our legs or arms, but when left unattended he has a tendency to fall over like a drunken sailor. It's funny to watch.

The months are ticking by so quickly...I can hardly believe the 6 month mark is quickly approaching. A half of a the hell can that be?

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