Saturday, January 1, 2011

my poor, sick boy

Cole got sick...I guess it was inevitable, but regardless it wasn't fun for anyone in our household. He's had a cold for almost a week, and to add to that misery we also found out he has thrush in his mouth. My poor little guy. Dr. Pikna put him on some medicine for his mouth and he upped his reflux meds. We're also still working on the pooping problem. Cole's ailments came to a head a few nights ago when he let lose and puked about five times in a row. I've never seen him vomit that much. We're not sure if it was a bug of sorts, or a mixture of all of the medicine, drainage from his sinuses, who knows...He didn't seem too bothered by it, but this mom was a little shook up. I was up most of the night checking on him in the video monitor.

We've spent the last few days laying low and snuggling (selfishly, I haven't minded that part of it too much). Although Cole's not in the clear just yet, he's definitely on the mend. His giggles have come back and we're finishing up the thrush medicine. Sick or not, I had to take a few pictures of him. I'm sure he was begging me to get the damn flash out of his face.

Apparently Cole is a little tired.

Dad...stop laughing and help the poor guy.

That's better Dad...

Poor lil' guy.
Puppy will make him feel better.




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