Sunday, January 23, 2011

loving pop

Jim has spent the last seven weeks caring for Cole. Initially, when I went back to work, I was jealous that he would be home with him and I'd be hightailing it to Brookfield each day to care and educate other people's children. Now that his leave is up, and he's heading back to work, I wouldn't have had it any other way. If it was possible, I would have Jim stay home with Cole full time. He is such an amazing dad. I am not surprised, by any means, anyone that knows Jim knows he was meant to be a father.

As Mom, it's so natural to have an instant bond with your child. Before having a baby, I never understood the unconditional, I'd do ANYTHING for you love you feel for a child. Having carried the baby and birthed the child, this is very common. I love the relationship I have with Cole, but even more, I love what Jim and Cole have together. I love watching the way Jim looks at him, so proud to be his father. I love overlistening to the two of them talking to each other, or peeking in to see what they're doing together. I know as Cole gets older, this bond will get even stronger.

As I prepare to take Cole to daycare on Monday, I am already on the verge of tears and struggling to know a stranger will be caring for him most days. Somehow I have a feeling that Jim will have a heavy heart on Monday as well.

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