Saturday, January 1, 2011

love at first sight...

This past Wednesday Cole and I visited the breastfeeding support group. We figured we'd catch up with those wonderful women one more time since I was home on break. While there, Cole's friend Cael introduced him to Sophie the Giraffe.

The next day on a trip to Babies R Us, Jim and I stumbled across Sophie so we had to buy him. We got in the car and Cole was being a little fussy. You could hardly blame him since he wasn't feeling well and Mom and Dad had him traipsing all over town. I tore into Sophie and gave her a little squeeze. Instantly the tears stopped falling and Cole grabbed the little giraffe and didn't let go. It was love at first sight.

Apparently this little toy has quite the history. The story states that she was developed in 1960 and she's been popular ever since. She's never changed and generations of babies have loved this squeaky friend for years. I'm somewhat surprised I had never heard of Sophie since baby magazines and celebrities are all over this teether. I will say that Sophie the Giraffe is definitely a hit in our household. Cole loves her and Willie and Lexa are waiting for him to leave it laying around so they can squeak her as well.

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