Friday, January 14, 2011

to my dearest small fry

Weight 13lbs. 3 oz. (25%)
Height 25.5 inches (50%)


Your 4 months old!!?!? How did that happen? Where has the time gone? I know I say this every month, but I'm absolutely floored with how quickly the time goes by. A part of me is thankful for this quick passing because that means that summer will be here soon and I'll have more time at home with you. Yet, another part of me wants the time to go by slowly because you're getting so big so fast.

You've been home with Dad since Thanksgiving, and he's really been enjoying his days at home with you. You've been keeping him on his toes. There is nothing better than watching the relationship between you and Pop blossom. He makes you smile and laugh out loud, and surprisingly you don't mind his scruffy goat-tee rubbing on your face. We've had a lot of changes in the last month. Your personality is coming out and we've had a lot of fun making you giggle and squeal with glee. You love "how big is big!" and when we make funny noises with our mouths. We found out you're a little ticklish and we definitely abuse you with that. One of my favorite things to do is to lay you on your changer and tickle you until you're laughing super hard. It makes my heart melt every time. You have the most adorable little smile and your eyes twinkle whenever you grin.

You're becoming an expert at blowing bubbles and you've discovered your tongue. I will look at you and you'll be rolling that tongue around in your mouth, trying to figure out what it's used for. In a few short weeks you'll be starting rice cereal and solids...I can't wait! You're still breastfeeding well and taking a bottle. You boycotted the bottle for a few days after Mom's winter break because you had nursed so much, but Pop helped you get back on track and now all is well. You've discovered the little piggies on your feet and you love lifting your legs and grabbing your toes. You've gotten so good at this that you've even rolled yourself over to your belly. Mom was really surprised the first time you did this. One minute you were laying on your back, holding your feet, and the next minute you were flat on your belly screaming. Apparently you were a little surprised too. You still don't love tummy time, but we force it on you.

You're continuing physical therapy, and although you've gained a lot of strength and flexibility, your flat spot has gotten a little worse. Mom and Pop are taking you to a cranial clinic for an evaluation and we're REALLY hoping you won't need to wear a helmet/band. If you do, I promise to only take one or two pictures of you in it. It'll be temporary- probably 3-5 weeks and then all will be well. I keep telling myself that because I think it'll be harder on Mom than on you. Dr. Pikna said nothing about your flat spot at your 4 month check-up so who knows...maybe Pop's right and we can wait until flag football to put you in a helmet. I sure hope so.

Although you're not sitting up on your own, you sure do like hanging out in the Johnny Jumper. Mom and Pop love it too since it gives us a few minutes of freedom. Lexa loves to lay close to you and watch you as you drool try to jump around. Speaking of the dogs, Willie and Lexa have become even more aware of you and Lexa is never too far from you. She'll hang out in your room while we change you or put on your jammies. They always come by around bath time to see what you're doing. I would imagine you'll become their best friend next month when you start eating. Before I know it Lexa will be licking the yummies off your little mitts.

This has also been the month of medicine. You're growing so fast that Dr. Pikna had to increase your reflux medicine. You're now taking 1mL three times/day. On top of that you developed thrush in your mouth...your tongue and cheeks were loaded with white spots. We've had two doses of that medicine and we're hoping it's all cleared up. Your pooping is figuring itself out, but we've realized you only go about every 4-5 days. We stopped giving you the medicine and making you drink the Karo since you don't seem too bothered by your slow BMs. Mom would be hurting dearly if she only pooped once/week.

You've jumped up to your 3-6 month clothing and a lot of your pants are too short for you. Get used to that...we promise not to make you wear high waters though. Mom made a trip to Target to get you some longer pants. We're looking at 6 month or 9 month pants already. They're super baggy though because you're just a long bean. With all of this growing, your sleeping patterns have changed a little bit. Mom and Dad aren't crazy about you getting up in the middle of the night to eat now, but I understand that your little body might just need a little extra right now. Plus, I do love spending the time with you. now that I'm back at work, I feel like I only see you a few hours each day before it's bed time. We've started putting you down between 7-8pm and we're trying to unswaddle you. Although it's harder for you to fall asleep unswaddled, you're happier in the long run. We keep going back and forth with your bedtime, but we'll figure it out sooner or later.

You definitely keep us busy and on our toes. It's never a dull moment. Mom is learning as much as you each day. Don't be startled if you look up at me and my eyes are filled with tears. It's only because every day I am in awe of you and all that you have become. I am completely overwhelmed with the fact that your Dad and I created you, and I'm in love with you more than anything else on Earth. You are my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby boy.

PS- I still haven't had time to take your 4 month pictures...I promise I will this month and I'll post them!

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