Sunday, December 26, 2010

to swaddle or not to swaddle...

We swaddled Cole for the first week or two after bringing him home, then we decided not to swaddle him. By week 4 though he was back to being swaddled, hoping he'd sleep longer. That seemed to do the trick because the boy has slept pretty well since 6 weeks of age.

As we approach the four month mark though, I feel we have to start unswaddling I wrong? For starters, his "Swaddle Me" blanket (the one that's designed for swaddling and velcros him in) is getting too short for him and I'm not sure if it's worth buying a larger size. I could try swaddling him with one of his Aden and Anais blankets, but a part of me wants to see if he'll sleep without being swaddled.

Since I don't have to work this week I figured I'd give it a try. That way if he wakes in the middle of the night, I won't be exhausted for work the next day. Tonight we put him in a sleep sack, followed our night time routine, and we'll see what happens. I will admit I've had to make two trips upstairs already, but I how do I know I wouldn't have had to re-nuk him even if he was swaddled.

What are your thoughts? When did you stop swaddling your children?

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