Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank You Great Grandpa Bob

Great Grandpa Bob was in town over the week of Thanksgiving. Cole was able to meet him and spend time with home on Thanksgiving at Grandma Colleen and Papa's house. Unfortunately it was just a quick visit, but either way it was nice to see him and for him to meet Cole.

Grandma Colleen brought over a gift this afternoon- it was a birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas gift all rolled into one. He won't be coming back for the holidays so Colleen brought it over today. We unwrapped the gift and Cole's eyes lit up when he saw the little dog.

Jim quickly got it out of the packaging (I won't get in to how ridiculous it is the way they package these toys) and started pressing the dog's arms, feet, ear and tummy. Cole was so intrigued. At first he just sat there and listened to it, but within minutes he was grabbing at the feet and the little dog kept saying "foot, yellow foot".

You barely have to touch the body part for it to talk to kept Cole's attention for quite a while. Thank you Great Grandpa Bob- Cole absolutely loves it!

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