Sunday, December 26, 2010


For the last month I've been suffering with serious wrist pain. It started in my left wrist along the side and at the base of my thumb. Because it was hurting I started using my right wrist more and now the pain is there as well. Apparently I have deQuervain's Syndrome, aka Mommy Wrist, a ridiculously painful inflammation of the tendon that connects to my thumbs. I completely failed the Finkelstein's test. It sounds crazy, I know, but I'll be going to the doctor this week and I'm hoping for some relief- possibly a cortizone shot in both wrists. I never would have believed it could be this painful.

More than anything I get really nervous lifting Cole. I lose strength in both wrists, especially my right, and I'm afraid I'm going to drop him. Apparently I lift him with too much wrist one taught me how to lift my son when he was born, but I guess I do it wrong. 3 months in and I'm in excruaiting pain. It's starting to affect my writing as well. It hurts to hold and use a pen/pencil.

Not sure what the doctor is going to say. I've had pain in my left thumb since golfing this past summer. I've already seen him and talked to him about that, but that was nothing compared to this. I am hoping he refers me to a orthopedic doctor or physical therapist. Grasping items and pinching with my thumb is tough and it's only gotten worse. Sadly I know they're going to want me to cut back and/or not use the thumbs, but that's not realistic seeing as though I have a little guy that wants to be held by his Mommy. Sure I can stop knitting for a while, even type less on the computer and my phone, but I can't not hold/pick up Cole. Immobilizers may be an option and/or cortizone shots. Hopefully surgery isn't necessary. (Tylenol does nothing for the pain so please don't tell me to take something for the pain.)

I'll keep you posted and let you know what is said and what needs to be done. Wish me luck in that department....

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