Saturday, December 18, 2010

how do you spend nap time?

Cole's naps are few and far between...I can hardly complain since he's sleeping so well at night. Typically we can get him down for a morning nap (like right now), but in the afternoon he's not really digging it. I do think a good afternoon nap would mean a happier baby in the evening. Either way, I'm not at home during the day and I'm just thankful the boy is eating and healthy. Maybe daycare will help straighten him out in the nap department.

Regardless, I'm often torn as to how to spend nap time...I NEED to wrap presents, I NEED to dust and clean the floors. There are several things I should be doing, but I find myself doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, I sip my coffee in the quiet, I update my blog, I may even crack open my Kindle. ALL the things I used to do, B.C. (before Cole), on a quiet Saturday morning. I feel selfish for using my time in this way, but I feel like it keeps me sane. In the same breath that I say that, then I'm irritated because I have no time to clean my house. I REALLY WANT A CLEANING LADY. With daycare expenses right around the corner and my car on it's last leg, I know it's not a priority, but I will continue to whine about it.

Since I'm not cleaning at this moment (while Cole is sleeping) I figured I'd bust out a few blog posts, upload some of his pictures from this week, and finish my pot of coffee. Believe it or not, I finished all of my grading at school this week, minus those god awful Mayflower Journals...I couldn't face them, so I really don't have any school work to do. My goal is to use my time at school more wisely so that I have to take less and less home. I know there will be nights I need to grade and what not, but it's hard enough juggling the home with a baby, add work to it and I could go over the edge.

I look at my siblings and friends that work full time and have multiple do you do it? I can't believe it gets easier...

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